Ashram season 3 review?


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The first two seasons of ‘Aashram’, in 2020, followed within a few months alone. This third season lasted two years. About the only difference this time is in its name:

it has become ‘Ek Badnaam Aashram’, so there is no doubt in our minds that this ashram is a bad place, owned by an evil father, and his equally evil party. .

Ashram season 3 review?

But we already know that. So, what’s new? We have witnessed the ‘kali kartoots’ (dark acts) of Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol) and his faithful supporter Bhopa (Chandan Roy Sanyal),

including young girls who are losing their flowers, abandoning the new faithful in the name of’ ‘huddhikaran’ (cleansing) ),

drug addicts, and political interference in the area where the same ashram like Dera Sachcha Sauda exists.

It was already old by the end of the second season. And in this case, it is just a sad resemblance: when we see a young woman, not all of them there,

accompanied by her parents fetching my father’s durbaar for ‘cure’, we know what the fate will be for her. An old iscathamiya politician,

who cares about his complaints about my father’s betrayal, will make a volte-face. The CM with the new face and its emerging region will be the plot.

Ashram season 3 review?
Ashram season 3 review?

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At that moment, a new femme fatale joins the slate. Esha Gupta plays the role of a superhero, who promises to tarnish my father’s image,

passing it on to the world – Father will soon be Bhagwan! He does not forget to enter the item number while he is there,

but the authors forget that going back to such a tired machine in the web series has never been good news. It just shows how small the comment box has been.

And it doesn’t help that both Deol and Sanyal are given weakly written scenes to show off: how often do you see their mockery mixed up and feel shivering? Sanyal is a great player,

and Deol’s skill has worked for the first time, but the challenge of building on their character conditions this third season has changed.

The most interesting character in the series, Pammi Pehelwan (Aaditi Pohankar), a Dalit young woman who wants to be a boxing champion,

Is Aashram series worth watching?

and her rebellious streak that she designed to get her father to run for her money, has turned into tears. , a wonderful thing. Some of the characters who had something to do before, were left to fend for themselves.

The series had lost the sharpness of caste-class, director of Prakash Jha’s forte, for the second season. That is what made us look back to the beginning,

as it explored the world of so-called gods, the most powerful force in the realm that affected us, without our knowledge. In this case, just ten episodes of tedium

The self-proclaimed god Baba Nirala is back with ten more episodes in the third season of the famous Prakash Jha series Aashram.

The series is now officially known as Ek Badnaam … Aashram, perhaps to avoid offending other people. However, the modification of the title does not help the program to avoid offending the intelligence of the audience.

Is Aashram series worth watching?
Is Aashram series worth watching?

Is Ashram series completed?

At its core, Aashram is a crime-cum-thriller but moves at the speed of a snail. With a lack of fun and tone of the 90s, the show is formula and corny,

preserved only for the play of some of its main members. Also read: Aashram season 3 trailer: Bobby Deol is back as God complex dad, Esha Gupta is set to seduce him. Remember

Aashram follows in the footsteps of Baba Nirala (Bobby Deol), the goddess who created the political / criminal empire by making himself a spiritual business.

It starts last season when one of her students Pammi (Aaditi Pohankar) escaped from her hands after being sexually assaulted by her and is now about to take revenge.

In the background are a host of characters and programs with regard to the Father’s desire for power and women and for the ever-changing political fortunes of his empire.

Aashram is built on a solid foundation. Internationally, exhibitions on fraudulent gods and their religions have been highly commended and well received by the audience.


Is Ashram series based on true story?

But Aashram does not have the luxury of something like Waco, True Detective season 1, or Orphan Black. He does not believe in the art of cunning. Drama is amplified,

music is loud (more on that later), and more concerts. There’s no nudity or swearing but sometimes the show is usually fun.

The tone sounds like that of a criminal drama of the 90s sometimes and not one of the beautiful Abbas-Mustan, but the corny Rajiv Rai with flaws to keep going.

My biggest problem with Aashram is how it treats its women. It is unfortunate that the program comes from Prakash Jha,

Who is Ashram series based on?

the man who donated the strongest female police officer in Jai Gangaajal. But Aashram catches the eye of a sharp man when it comes to portraying his women,

even those in positions of authority. It brings in Esha Gupta, a world-renowned public figure and product consultant. Aashram chooses to introduce her to a catchy dance sequence.

Some may say that there was a need for that sequence in the plot but what we are actually doing is reducing a successful, powerful female character into a sexual object, dancing to a very powerful male character.


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