Biofit black friday sale


A supplement made of plant matter that has been thoroughly screened and verified to be safe to use.

The case was an internal organizational issue at BioFit.

The suspension period will cover all activities within our operations, including the manufacture of our dietary supplements.

Please note that any customers who purchased one of our supplements during this time should contact your pharmacy immediately for a full refund.

Biofit black friday sale
Biofit black friday sale

Please read BioFit Company Letter below.


We understand you have recently requested a refund for your BioFit supplement ordered online. We have been made aware of this and we are willing to look into the matter on your behalf.

If you are unsure about your claim or have any questions please contact our customer service centre:


In addition, we are urgently seeking an explanation for the substance we sent to your package.

The suspension period will cover all activities within our operations, including the manufacture of our dietary supplements.

The reason for this is that we have come to understand that our product included trace amounts of D-Glutamic Acid (DGA) (S) which we have recently clarified that there are no accepted ingredients in our supplements. Any concerns related to this would be remedied independently of our management.

Biofit black friday sale

If you have any questions about this issue please contact the supermarket you bought your product from:





Mallorca Supermarkets

Let us help you get your money back!

We are willing to work with our client as much as possible to resolve the matter on your behalf. Please keep in contact with our customer services department.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any queries or concerns please contact our customer service centre as we remain fully open throughout this temporary period.


Biofit black friday sale

About BioFit

We pride ourselves on getting you the best performance result with every supplement you purchase. Since 2014, we have been sourcing our ingredients from bio and sustainable sources to create something truly extraordinary.

Since we were the first Organic Body Building Supplements company on the market, our products have found widespread acceptance and we continue to run our business just as we have always done – 100% Organic, 100% Responsible.

If you would like to learn more about BioFit, their supplements, and our holistic approach to nutrition, please check out our website

BioFit Global – Physical Contact

[email protected]

How legit is BioFit?

After suffering numerous results from testing specific products, we decided to investigate and see how we could avoid getting scammed from products that promise high revenues from sales.

After applying several tests on the majority of the list of certificates of companies that actually abide by ethical and ethical business practices,

Biofit black friday sale

the Board of Directors for the Biomedical Institute for Professional Growth decided to place scrutiny on the BioFit Industry Association, a government-recognized industry body.

The initiative to take BioFit under consideration began a year ago, and was finalized after two exhaustive tests took place.

Confirmations from both the FDA and the Pre-approval Assessment Committee on Avastin for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (“SGNH”) took place in the month of January 2017. Although results from clinical trials are preliminary and not finalized yet,

BioFit marketed Avastin for treating NNSCLC and other cancers. Other clinical trials funded and conducted by BioFit are also beginning to be released for submission to agencies.

This is, of course, very disappointing and unwellusory. This particular issue comes due to ethical and ethical issues in the industry,

How legit is BioFit?
How legit is BioFit?

Biofit black friday sale

The products and companies approved by BioFit market products and services that are largely unethical. Such challenges range from lack of pre-qualifications for the labeled products and services to the conduct and treatment of those trials.

Despite such unbalanced results, BioFit still continues to list and promote their products and services as true and trusted products. This appearance could provide harm.

The certification of BioFit is a well thought out, thorough assessment from the Biomedical Institute for Professional Growth. BioFit is a product that has been distributed to over 85 clinical trials and into over 20,000 patients.

Biofit black friday sale

This results in good results and good experience. A smart side effect of using these products for NNSCLC is being able to locate a new facility if oncologists or doctors for example happen to need to move to another facility.

What’s important to understand is that such a certification does not imply they will get the medical treatment they really need. They are likely to get subjected to side effects and harmful processes that are related to prolonged use.

An important part of educating patients of the Real side Effects is to adopt educational videos to engage patients and to explain the different things that can trigger negative results from product use.

Biofit black friday sale

This makes these medications more effectively obtainable in terms of personal finance and the need to, of course, return money.

Many consumers are reluctant to have the product evaluated by a doctor.

Just one anecdotal investigation on social media shows how difficult it is to obtain an opinion on effective and ethical marketing methods (similar to those of the BioFit Industry Association), before buying it.

This is one part of the undertaking and another part of considering body issues. Patients need to be curious about an image of an improvement they can see on the product.

They must be promised long-term positive results that will sustain or even continue for up to 180 days of product use. This guarantee, what’s more, should be backed up by clinical trials, which hopefully can highlight the falseness of the claims.

Vulnerable patients would also receive better care from the clinical trial results. Only more therapy can make a difference.

To finish, there is an urgent need to educate physicians on ethical methods for marketing products. These traditional medicines are not a way out, however,

they are a natural supplement. To some extent, they are still useful medications that patients would prefer to have available to them as alternative treatment.

Here is another end goal we have. The tax officials are involved in promoting fewer biofuels; they are promoting the use of sustainable medicine, however,

they do this from an ethical side of the law. We should adopt a wider scope of techniques to promote ethical practices. As a result,

ensuring a positive outlook on healthy and good outcomes is a business benefit for non-profit medical groups.

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Biofit black friday sale

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