Blog and His advanatge & Disdavantage ?


Blog and His advanatge & Disdavantage ? 

– Hello Friends Today Midnight evenning I was Think about Some Question that What is Blogging and Why is More Important For Us Then Just wake Up On From My Bed and Consider about that things discussed With You ,

Because You have know about this Excellent Things Which is really More Excited and Latest treding in Current Future and I Think so Its make Your Dream If You are Guys True Lover Of Reading and Writing that You Should really know about More things this massive Topics ,

So Today I Have Share With You Some Knowledge about Blog  Blogging and Although I have Knowledge about It will share with you Guys and I Think So it can be help Your Blogging realted Enquiry ,

What is Blog ?

So Guys If You are really Interesting apart of Blogging Thne According My Knowledge Blogging is an Internet Letter paper ,

Wheever You Can Write Your Mind thought and Your Personal Writing Skills and You Just Really Share Your Experience with Your Internet Friends and Followers ,

Blogging is art Of Your Real Writing Experience Where You Can Write Your Thoughts and Personal Things,

Share with Online platform and Social platforms because Sometime there are many People habitate To read Your Thoughts and Your Writing Skills ,

If I Would Like to Describe My Own Words that s an Simple Word Of Blog Where You can Post Your Articles into an Website Or Online Social platforms and Behind Of this many reason Because If I am telling about this things i was not Knowledge about It ,

Blog Definitions 

But After Sometime I have Seen many Websites and Lots Of Research Of this topics then after that getting an True Definition Of Blog and Its Give me Comfort Knowledge about Because Now he has many Blog and Blogging latest talent by Using Of many People ,

Blog Meanning ?

Blog an Page Or Website Where You Can Write Your real thoughts and By Using Your Mind Because If You are Writing Skills and You Have Writing Skills ans then You to really Writing Your Content here and,

Its make Your Content Popular and Give You lots Of Knowedge about Your Blogging related and .

Once You have Good Experience about Blog then You will Write Your Content Because Its all Depends You Guys Whatever You havng Intersting according Your best Knowledge ,

Well If You are Seriously wanna make Blogger into Your Carriers Growth then You have took proper Knowledge about It,

Because Its not an Easy part Well You Guys Having Excellent Knowledge about SEO Marketiing ,

If I am talking about My Experience Blog related So Totally I had Zero Percentage know and Very Consfusion,

Because Noone teach me While See Many Videos From Youtube and asking For Others about then they all are paid Courses then I have Decided ,

Blog and His advanatge & Disdavantage ?
Blog and His advanatge & Disdavantage ?

How to do Start an Blog ?

Well Guys Either Share My Experience For Blogging So There are Two Ways Of Starting an  Blogging Journey Which I am Gonna Share With You So If You Guys really wanna make Your Carriers into Blogging Trending then,

Then You Can Starting paid and Free Process these Two Method help You Improve Your Knowledge about Blog Related and You Guys alwas Beware related Of Your Niche which You wanna Considers about it ,

Because Its More then help You Improve Your blog While You Trying Free and paid Method But I have Share with ,

You My Personal Experience that Due To lack Of Knowledge I have Lots of waste my time because No one Suggested and Give me Proper Knowledge about , 

What are two method Of Blog ?

So You Guys Getting Two Method Of Blogging Which Means You getting Free and Paid method Whenever You Starting Your Blog Page ,

then You will apply Free Method Of So Its Totally free Of Cost blog Provided By Google and You Can teach Everythng here and You find all Knowledge about Your SEO related Guys ,

So there are Method Of Which is really Essentials For you Guys that will be showing By me there Well Blogging is not Easy For Everyone Such as Showing By Some people in Youtube Or Any other Platform,

Because there are many Hard work to need there and You Guys Getting New Notifiction Which You Alwasy Update and then You have Everytime Updated Guys And after that You Guys Ever Good Knowledge about It Well there Some Method Of Free and Paid method .

What is Blog
What is Blog

1- – So this is one of them Which You Doing Free Method Using and No need any kind of COST there Just you have need an Account Of Google then after,

that You should good knowledge about blogger web after that You can make Your Free Cost account there and Now You can Enjoying,

Your account after making Your account You just apply Your SEO setting there and then Using Your blogger.con account ,

Blog is an Art Which Can be Showing your real thoughts on Online platforms and you Guys always Showing Your Great Experience Well I have So Much troubling to understanding the Process Of Blog,

Because It So much Tuff understanding For me and then I have Watching Some videso On Youtube daily way then Note DOWN Some Notes For Blogging,

After that Many Solutions Getting From Youtuber and Famous Youtuber which name I would like to mention  there Such as Satish s ki Videos and Digital Vyas and Techno Vedant ,

2 – – WordPress is an application Where You can Transfer Your Articles Via Your paid method that means its an Process Of Where You getting many Pluggins and many More Thems related Your articles and ,

You guys Really Getting attractive Knowledge and Millions Of People Using WordPress For Your Blogg Because Its more then famous From and I think so WordPress really massive Websites For you guys .

WordPress have Many Upadtes features and Pluggins Which You always Getting Some New Features and Updates and WordPress Excited More then Poplular from .

Because many More Website Transfer there and One more things about WordPress its time to time updates Your Notification While whatever Pluggings using By You Guys ,

So According My Knowledge many People Using Wordoress For Your Blog and they did really Getting advantage From WordPress Website,

and I think So If You Guys really Consider about any Writing Skills and Interesting into Blogging make You futures then You should apply Both method Of Your Carriers ,

WordPress and Blogger Very Famous For Your Blog helpfull Website and You guys really Finding best way For you Articles although I have Great Knowledge teaching by You .

Once You alwasy trying Blogging page Well you guys Some informative Knowledge about those two Method Of Blogging related Enquiry Guys And If you Guys Essentials Writing Skills about whatever Your Topics Then You Will Extract and Share You Experience into Online platform,

Because there are many Peoples Like Reading Your thougths and your Writiing Skills and I Think So you Always Writing there.

Your Real thoughts and People Attract Your Artiles and Its Give You advance benefits and Sometimes its make Your ranning From there .

Blogging is really latest treding Where You SHARE your real Writing skills and Your Online thoughts Of you Will say.

that Also Blogging Upcoming future writing skills Which You Make money by Share Your thoughts and Otherwise You will Share Your Content according Your Knowledge ,

Why Is Blogging More Important For Your Carriers ?

Blogging Is More Important Your Carriers Because there are many Advantage For Your Upcoming Carriers and You always Getting Massive knowledge from there In My way Languagae Blogging is an Great Oppurtnity Where You Can learninng with earnning Guys ,

If I am talking about My Experience Regarding Of Blogging Then You should Excellent knowledge about Its I have many time seing his Videos on Youtube and also Self Practice .

And Then After that taking Some Great Information many more time  Writing Content here but yet Doing Content writing,

I do not have although knowledge about It So I have take more Information og Blogging then trying after watching Videos Of Blogging ,

If You Are Good in Writing Skills and Great things about Your Blogging Or You Guys really Working On that So Guys Getting massive Income from Via Sale Your Content But Although You have Good and Real Content Which People Like  and Share Your Content to other People ,

Beacuse Sometime If You are Good In Content Writing or Good Skills about Your Blogging So guys Getting massive Income From Via High Traffiic Of poeple while Your Content like By many People .

So Guys Getting massive Income From Google adsence Because IF Someone Becoming Your articles and then If Someone By Clic On Suddenly Click your articles ,

So there Some adsence advertising Showing Your articles So guys Take an Income FRom articles Guys ,

Why Is Blogging ?

Because Blogging make Your carriers If you Are Good in Writing Your real Content So Guys Getting selling your Content Via Online Or Offline and after that You will make an page Of Blog ,

Where You Guys writing Your Thoughts and Your real Content and then You guys Getting Lots Of income Via Google Adsence But You need to Google adsence apporval.

First Which You Take al least 20 Real Content writing On your Website and related Your Niche then You Guys after apporval You getting massive Income From Your Website of Your Blog ,

Well I hope You Guys really Found Some Important Knowledge about blog Which You Getting all your Information about Of blog related So Guys reading about My real thought about Blogging ,

I think So it Could Be Your Best Information about Blogging So Please Read and Carefully Share It ,

Thanks You Guys ,



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