Do People want to get paid in digital Coins?


Do People want to get paid in digital Coins?

I’m happy to have the opportunity to share with you some thoughts on a topic that is of particular interest to me and that I believe is very important to people all over the world — and that is “the future of digital markets and money.”

So let’s dive in!

When I was your age dear readers, there were no cell phones, no internet, no Google, no Amazon, no Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, no YouTube. People did not have Apple Pay, PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat Pay.

Fortunately, though, we had some money. Purchases were made in cash — coins and debts — by check and e-mail by depositing the money in a bank account from one account to another. With no online banking, people were busy filling out most of the money transfer links.

Do People want to get paid in digital Coins?

Digital making
Times have changed dramatically since then. Digitization, in particular, has improved considerably and has brought about significant changes in the last two decades or so.

They come with digital transformation, namely the gradual transformation of existing economic and social systems into the digital age, as well as the digital disruption: major changes initiated by new technologies and business models.

Digitization has been shown to be a powerful motivator for economic and social change. It connects people from very different places and cultural backgrounds around the world,

bringing them closer together than ever before; stimulates competition in already established markets and drives and distributes innovations around the world.

What can not be done digitally, however, is to change the market concept as such; I’m sure of that. Because market sense is inextricably linked with human action.

Human action means, in essence, that we, as human beings, are changing one state which we find less satisfactory than the state that we consider to be the most productive.

And we can’t stop doing it; we cannot do so — for good reason. Because when you say, “People can choose not to do it,

” then you do (that is, in a verbal way), so you are making a real argument, so you are saying something that is a lie.

Do People want to get paid in digital Coins?

Do People want to get paid in digital Coins?
Do People want to get paid in digital Coins?

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Why do people want to be paid in cryptocurrency?

For good reason, we know that it is an undeniable fact that people do something. And as long as we are negotiating with other people, there will be markets of all kinds, even in the era of digitization.

And that is great news! Because markets — I must say: free markets — benefit equally for all involved. Let me give you an example.

You walk past a fruit shop hungry. You go in and buy apples for one euro. Q: How much do you share with apples? Answer: You value apples more than one euro — otherwise, you would not make a deal.

What about the seller? However, he values ​​the euro he earns more than the apples he offers. Otherwise, he would not have participated in the trade.

As you can see: Free market trading is good for you and the seller. You are both better off after the agreement. That is the beauty of the free market — it equally benefits all participants.

What is Money?

With the new markets for goods and services in the digital world new demands for payment services and new needs for specific financial institutions are coming. Take, for example, Internet of Things, pay per use, or machine-to-machine payments (M2M).

In order to take advantage of these new business opportunities, people need organized income.

Fixed currencies are often presented as funds enabled by distributed ledger technology, or blockchain systems, which is a prime example of combining digital value and system in a single system.

Should you start accepting salary in Bitcoin?

The pursuit of systematic money has encouraged efforts to make commercial banking tokens or, more importantly, to withdraw digital central bank money.

I should note in this context that markets for crypto units — such as bitcoin and ethereum, as well as coins such as tether and USD coin, to name a few — have emerged for very different reasons.

The main purpose of the crypto unit attorneys is to demand better money, allocated funds, more money than the governments and their major banks. Order, in a figurative sense, is an additional acceptable feature of crypto units.

But before we go into the details of current and future financial developments in the digital age, I would like to talk briefly about the basic and timeless details from a financial perspective.

Let me ask you: What is money? The answer is that money is a widely accepted way to trade. It is very liquid, beautiful and is sold well all around.

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Why do people want to be paid in cryptocurrency?

Do people make money off of cryptocurrency?

Money is not a commodity and it is not a huge profit. It is a beautiful sui generis; is good for trading; it is a good exchange.

As you probably know, money is said to have three functions: exchange methods, an account unit, and a value store.

On closer inspection, however, the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973) argued that money has only one function,

Do People want to get paid in digital Coins?

namely that of trade. The account unit and store function function are simply sub-functions of the exchange methods.

In fact, the unit of account work is the only manifestation of the exchange method: it defines the exchange rate between the currency units that must be donated to obtain the assets in question (say, one hundred US dollars per shirt).

And the function of the value store simply represents the postponement of the exchange from now on.

So when we acknowledge that money has only one job, the way to exchange jobs, we come to an amazing understanding, that is, it does not matter how much money there is in the economy.

The cash flow, for example, 15 billion Euros is as good or bad as the cash flow, for us, 5 billion Euros. If the value of money is high,

How does Digital Coin make money?

commodity prices will be very high; if small, commodity prices will be relatively low. Also, any amount of money is good or bad in funding the transacti provided


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