dri full form


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dri full form means that Directorate of Revenue Intelligence Who are Indian Custom agency that His Work Under Goverment who Responsible for Indian custom and he will take all Incharge Of Custom.

The (DRI) was established by an Act of Parliament, the National Intelligence Act (No. 1 of 1979), to consolidate all intelligence and investigative functions of the State into one organ.

The DRI is responsible for collecting intelligence and information and is tasked with preventing and detecting crimes, frauds and corruption, and enforcing the law. The DRI is a component of the South African Police Service (SAPS).

dri full form
dri full form

History Formation of the DRI

The DRI was established on 26 April 1979, by the National Intelligence Act, as the successor to the Bureau of State Security (BOSS), which was responsible for political and security intelligence, as well as economic and financial

What is Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officer?

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) is a department under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, responsible for the collection of taxes and other revenue-related matters. It was established on 1 April 1980.

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence is the apex authority for the collection of taxes, duties, etc. and to investigate cases of fraud and misappropriation of public money.

In the past, there have been many instances of DRI officers misusing their powers to take revenge on people, especially in the states of Kerala and Punjab. The DRI has been implicated in many such cases.

DRI officers have misused their powers to take revenge on people, especially in the states of Kerala and Punjab.So then Goverment take whole action about it,

What is Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officer?
What is Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officer?

What does Director of Revenue Intelligence do?

DRI detection analysts play a vital role in development and upholding law and government regulations.

The agency has an efficient team which supervises important observations and analyzes data collected and analyses them to improve the department’s effectiveness and professionalism.

What does Director of Revenue Intelligence do?

Being the head of the agency means a lot of responsibility. That is why it is important to have a well-trained staff who can take full cognizance of its operations in an effective manner.

How do they work?

Chief Revenue Intelligence officers are constantly tracking data collection methods and keep a track of suspicious activities.

This means that they closely monitor the activities of suspicious buyers and sellers while reporting them to the others.

When they find any suspicious activity, they report them immediately to the anti-hierarchy agency or the Department of Revenue Intelligence of the Indian government.

How do they report suspicious cases?

Anti-Hierarchy Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT) does not have a formal system for detecting suspicious transactions and transaction situations.

That is why an Anti-Hierarchy Anti-Money Laundering-CFT director provides intelligence to the Indian government and lets them know about the potential cases of money laundering and terrorist financing at their disposal.

The Indian government is in charge of filtering out a large amount of potential instances and analyzing the data to identify necessary resolutions.

How do they ensure its processes are legitimate?

The department ensures that the data is reported and processed in a professional manner while incorporating the right data sources and quick information distribution.

They must take certain steps for ensuring that they are doing all they can to check any suspicious transactions and transaction situations:

• In all reports, they have to record to the existence of the suspicious transaction. They are obliged to include the corresponding word or description indicating whether they are terrorism related or not.

• They must include other content in the report so that data is in an organic form. They must include something like the names of other people,

notations about banks in the case of ongoing transactions, witness statements in case of criminal acts, and the types of the weapons used.

• They must also include other necessary information like any money transfers from banks to different locations and states.

The Director of Revenue Intelligence is responsible for gauging the worth of every case while dedicating his time to the work.

dri full form

The following precautions are taken for intelligence gathering. The reports must include specifications which can detect any of its characters within any report. (

· In the case of instances of money laundering, data must have evidences that indicate if the transaction is sent or received from foreign or local sources.

This must be reported so that it can be reflected in the list of locations that will be viewed by the anti-Hierarchy Anti-Money Laundering-CFT director.

· The reports must include the name of the person who delivered the case and the terms of the transaction.

This should be included so that the department can deny the logistics of a payment transaction or show full and proper details of any economic transaction.

· The reports must also have analysis sections of subsequent case details, the actual name of the courier handler, and financial details on the money shipped to any country in particular.

What is the importance of its Data Collection Tools?

There are different tools that can be used to gather and analyze financial data. However, data should be collected using the most appropriate tools.

They can be developed on the basis of how the analysis system works, and what it will show about the targeted transaction or development.

One of the most effective tools for data collection is the Audit Scanner that is built on Seclare;

it offers secure solutions, unique features, and the ability to check different type of information. With Seclare,

data analysis and information can be processed as per the people and history of any transaction.

According to Dr. Rahul K. Kansal, the Data Collection Officer of Customs Immigration (INDECOR) Income Tax Unit (ITU),

dri full form

detecting suspicious transactions is most challenging, though monitoring the transactions is essential. He also mentions that

“the only information that we can gather is already collected manually in our records”. He adds that in case any new currency’s data is posted against the personal tax return,

the stakeholder can call the Assessing Commissioner at the Request Software Service.

The assessment of information collected by Seclare helps the target department to design detailed transaction reports.

Most of the cases involve movement of huge volumes of data, and all parameters of information from computerized finance systems are pooled into one data for analysis.

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dri full form


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