Flewed out Movie


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Danny, the septuagenarian fun loving old man, is having a wonderful summer, enjoying a movie night at his apartment with his three kids. They make popcorn, eat pickles, and this is how a good old night of entertainment should be spent.

Tragedy strikes in one of these movies and Danny soon finds himself out of luck, trying to go home to his wife. As it turns out, the family are all out of money and the movie theatre at his favorite has stopped looking for someone to attend their show.

Flewed out Movie
Flewed out Movie

Flewed out Movie

The theatres have served their notice that they will not see anyone come in anymore due to the increase in overhead costs caused by the human resources. The theatre owner suggests that Mr. Danny ask the staff for an extension of the contracts.

Everywhere the church is closed.

After a lifetime of seeing so many great movies in the theatre and traveling away from home to join other movie goers and have fun,

despite the high prices and a sense of people showing off their clothes, Mr. Danny’s paychecks are lacking. Danny is seeing a movie for $7, even though as a die hard film buff, he should be paying much more.

The U.S Chamber of Commerce is determined to get rid of anyone from the movie business or any of their parent companies,

wanting to bring in legislation that will take away the profit the movie business makes for any business that even resembles the cinema. Mr. Danny needs to do something to, as the expression goes, “treat yourself to something that costs you less.”

Flewed out Movie 2021

As a low-class film goer, he must use his savings to cover his food, transportation, and then bring in the local property tax surcharge. Mr. Danny is obviously in over his head, as he is spending over $2.00 a day on food alone, which will leave him with nothing to show for himself.

As the thing nears midnight, Mr. Danny starts contemplating what to do next. His wife says he needs to find another job.

He concludes that he must of figured out some fast food restaurant job, a fast-casual place he’ll be able to easily speak to someone. Mr. Danny wonders that he could start doing food drives for the church he is a part of, that his church is the church he worships.

After doing a little research into the word and researching the quick service restaurants, Mr. Danny comes to discover that Z Chili is a great place to eat.

 He starts asking staff what they do, finding out that his situation is that he has now little to show for being the workers regular. They all are incredibly happy to have something that benefits the owner, someone like him.

Eventually, he works it out and asks the manager for a 20% price cut. As soon as he says, “We’ll get 20% of your sandwiches for tonight, Mr. Davis,”

Flewed out Movie 2021
Flewed out Movie 2021

Flewed out Movie 2021 tyler perry

he watches the manager, who, like himself is a veteran, walk away from the booth. From the outside looking in, Mr. Davis realizes his reaction to the manager. He turns to his wife and reads what the manager has told him.

He recognizes that he is an inspiration for others. He makes sure that everyone is not suffering financially and stresses that the manager is not the only one in the business.

Once he has proof that he has a ton of support from employees, of which he already has over 25, and somewhere the company that needs to prove its viability, he decides that his options will include:

He decides that he is not going to pay the church for the evening.

He is the first customer in the restaurant, just like in a theater when you come in and you have to wait to get a ticket.

He takes over from the manager as the manager begins hanging out in the bathroom cleaning the floor, then he moves in and introduces himself as the owner of a local fast-casual restaurant.

Flewed out the Movie 2021

He disappears as Mr. Davis shows up at the meal preparation station and orders.He chats him up.

He drinks his coffee; it doesn’t have any sugar, which is great for him because it is a milkshake. He orders his food by name: green chili cheeseburger.

The receipt shows that his total is $5.50, which will make him go for a while to go home.

He orders all of his fast-food.The rest of the orders all come back.He throws down his drink, it is delicious, throwing his burger on the table;

the soup is also delicious, his soup is traditional. He realizes the odd thing about his family food specials is that they are not advertised, his family is very small,

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