Latest Features in Whatsapp


Hello everyone! This time I come back with a very interesting topic. You may long to know more about it. Today’s article says WHATSAPP NEW RESULTS. Everyone should be curious about the new and exciting features of WhatsApp. Usually,

when we talk about WhatsApp, it often introduces new features. It continues to work on new features and focuses on improving the app to improve user experience. Whatsapp is widely used which encourages the group to continue to improve its features.

Today, from children to adults, everyone uses WhatsApp. Office people have official groups, existing family groups, friends on WhatsApp, and many other things we do on WhatsApp In my opinion,

Latest Features in Whatsapp

this is one of the most important features for any app company to continue to improve application quality by making it friendly and introducing new features regularly.

So we can say that this is the reason why it is such a popular app. I don’t think there can be anyone with a smartphone who doesn’t use WhatsApp.

Latest Features in Whatsapp
Latest Features in Whatsapp

New WhatsApp features

Although WhatsApp which is now part of Facebook has introduced many features in the year 2021, I can name a few of them that were just added this month.

WhatsApp businesses have even been introduced by offering a business platform to those who want to start their own business. Yes, this feature is different.

We will now discuss the key features introduced this month.The new features of WhatsApp are:

● Look at the feature once
This is one of the features recently introduced by WhatsApp. In this feature, you can share photos with someone who can only be viewed once.

The feature name VIEW and itself raise the feature. This feature only works for images.

Whenever you select this option, the photos you send will automatically disappear once the recipient has seen the photos. But every time you want to send views and photos, you should select the option to send views and photos.

This feature is now available for both android and iOS. So if you haven’t checked the feature yet, just try it. You will love the feature. Let me tell you –

this feature also applies to videos. You can even post videos that will disappear on their own once they are viewed by the recipient.

● Join video calls

At a time when most of us are separated, there is nothing better than meeting on a group phone with friends and family,

and there is nothing worse than realizing that you have missed a special time. So WhatsApp has introduced a very good feature for re-joining the phone. Group calls are the most advanced.

Sometimes it happens that we can pick up the phone when the call rings and we miss the group call. So keep this in mind WhatsApp has introduced this feature so you can join a group call or video call anytime or don’t miss it at first.

You can even ignore the call and join later. You can also leave a call in the middle of a conversation and join again.

This feature will therefore be very useful for family members who do not live far from other office colleagues who should discuss their important work-related topics.

People can also schedule a conference call or audio conference. You can even see the names of the participants in the call and who is invited and not who joined.

This feature is available for both Android and iOS. So I hope this feature will help you a lot and improve your user experience via WhatsApp.

Reply to the message feature

WhatsApp has been seen testing a new feature that allows users to respond to messages. This feature is available on other platforms like Instagram and Messenger.

With the new feature, users will have to drag and hold the message they want to reply to and then drag their fingers to the appropriate emoji.

Responses will be displayed at the bottom of the text. The new feature has been spotted by WABetaInfo, a website that tracks the latest features in the beta version of the instant messaging app. As the feature is still being developed,

WhatsApp can bring some changes before it is made more widely available. The shared screenshot of the http://website was taken on an iOS devicewebsite was taken on an iOS device but it is guaranteed that even the beta users of Android will receive that feature once the download is done.

This feature will be useful for those who are addicted to Instagram and are accustomed to the habit of replying to a message instead of replying to it.

How to use the once view feature

This is the best part of WhatsApp that is easy to use for those who are not very educated to use it easily.

So I’m talking about how to use a watch when there’s a feature it’s very simple. Just open a conversation with whoever you want to send photos or videos to.

Once you have opened it, you must select the photos and videos you want to share and before sharing files you must click on the 1 tag within the circle.

This logo comes to a place where you select images and will eventually post them.

select photos and finally send them.
I shared a photo for reference. When you see in the second option, 1 inside the circle is green which indicates that the option has been selected and .

the gray logo indicates that it has not been selected. So this way you can easily share the photos you want to share once.

How to use the once view feature
How to use the once view feature

How long do photos last on WhatsApp?

If you do not open a photo or video within 14 days of posting, the media will expire. You must always choose to watch or media if you want to post an idea and a photo or video.

See if the media can be restored from the backup if the message can be opened during backup.

In my opinion, 14 days is more than enough to view a file or do not open your Whatsapp for some reason.

I don’t think there will be anyone who won’t open his Whatsapp account within 2 weeks. Whether you are going on vacation or taking a break, this is a good time.

Therefore if the recipient does not view it for two weeks, it will be automatically deleted. That’s also a good thing about this new feature. It improves security and remembers that your privacy is very important.

Important points about the aspect of viewing once

● Media will not be saved in photos or the recipient’s gallery.
● Once you have sent a single photo or video view, you will not be able to view it again.
● You cannot transfer, save, star, or share photos or videos that are sent or received by viewing when media is enabled.
● You can only see if the recipient has opened the view and once the photo or video has read the illuminated receipts.

Latest Features in Whatsapp
● If you do not open the photo or video within 14 days of posting, the media will expire.
● You must choose to view or view media whenever you want to post an idea and a photo or video.
● Check if the media can be restored from the backup if the message is not opened during backup. If the photo or video is already open, the media will not be backed up and cannot be restored.

General conclusion

This new concept and feature are designed to give users more control over their privacy.

For example, you can send a View Once a photo of the new clothes you are trying on in the store, quick response in a moment, or something sensitive like a Wi-Fi password.

As with all personal messages you send to WhatsApp, See If the media is encrypted with end-to-end encryption so that WhatsApp can detect it.

They will also be marked with a new “one-time” icon. After the media is viewed, the message will appear as “open” to avoid any confusion about what was happening in the conversation at the time.

Latest Features in Whatsapp 

As well as privacy, it also saves space on your mobile storage. Whenever you send a photo or video to anyone,

your file is stored in your gallery. But whenever you post it with a single look, you won’t be saved in your gallery. So that leads to less use of storage and you will not have to remove unwanted photos over time.

So I can say that overall, now WhatsApp has come with many nice and useful features that no one can deny using.

It has made our daily work useful and provided us with a good user experience. To keep everyone in mind,

he introduced features that could keep family and colleagues together. So I would give it 5 stars on WhatsApp for ease of use. It was modern.
Thank you.

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