Social Media addict & whats the bad Effectes ?


Social Media addict & whats the bad Effectes ? – Hello Friends Today I have discussed with You One Of the best Topic Which name Of Social Media addict that means all are very busy with that and Whole Time only Doing Social media addicton ,

What Is Social Media addict ?

In This Topic Very Serious Taken by Us Because all over world You will See The people are busy with this methds and always timing busy with that then You have to really thughts about another things who are really Need IT Our Life Guys ,

Social Media addict an Essentials part Of Our Daily use able Life Because Now where You wll See the Situation at the Current time all People whatever You Belongs any Country and any states Just You have Good Knowledge about social media Platforms ,

They all are Busy with this Social media addict make You Illness If you are Not Doing any Limitation Becasue Sometime You have to really need any limitaion according Your Boundation Peoples always busy with that means Its Give You many harmness ,

Social Media addict & whats the bad Effectes ?
Social Media addict & whats the bad Effectes ?

Why Is Social Media Hack Our Peoples and Lifes ?

Why is Social Media hack Our Peoples and also Hack Our Life Because Peoples always busy with that and that they really hack our Personal and do not have time for Our Relatives and  family Members well if i am talking about all things about It.

That s really bad impact our nation and Peoples while they did not understanding about those all bad things Guys and I think So you Should really understanding about his all Features and Function Which can be impact Our Personal and Fmailiar Life ,

So many Time We are busy with that Like You Every Time Seen Yourself So that will be Count Whole Time Working On Social Media addiction and Infront Of People Irrating without reason ,


How Social Media Affects the Brain

There are many reason To Why Social Media affects the brain Because all Peoples and Person all Time busy with this hectic Social Media addiction and that s why Its Increase many unknown Illness and after that all Peoples and Person vcan be Suffreing From Illness ,

So You Have to always First things about limit Of Your Using Your Social media Because they will effcets Your Personal LIfe and Mental health also and According My Knowledge they Can be Produce many more Diseases Which You Affects Like mentally and Personally ,

So Guys You always First things about It Before Using that Social Media Platforms although Guys You Never Know about this all things can be affects Your helath and mentally Distrubing You Guys ,

Sometimes It can be harmess Your brain If you Using Too Much Of Social Media addicts and thats really can be Damage Your Brain while You Using Continues ratio So That s Why Social Media addiction has been Limitation ,

Such as More Things talking about Social Media addiction can be hacked Your Mind and then would be really bad affetcs Your brain SO Guys really Need an limitation While You Searching Social Media ,

And Then You have to really Controle Your Social Media addiction which You Essentials affected By Those bad impact Of Your Life and Your Social Life and Infront Of that You Guys bad having situation Of Social Media Platforms ,


Social Media Addict
Social Media Addict

 Recognizing a Social Media Addiction

So There are many Recognizing Social Media addiction Who already hacked Your Brain and also Your Personal Life Because You Guys Overloading with this all things and also You Guys Suffering From Social Media addiction ,

Social Media addiction many Popular name Which I am wanna describe Here Like Facebook , Instagram , Whatsapp and Linkdin They all are Very Popular adnd high Traffic Social Media Which You Effected Your Brain and Your Mind Because They loading Your brain ,

If You Want to Control Your This Bad Impacts things that You have make an Limitations according Your Schedules after that You Getting Some good results From This kind Of soutions ,

If I am talking about My Personal Thoughts Thats really Impact Our Social Media Life While I was Using Too Much and addict Of Social Media and then Realize that Too Much impact Of My Life although i was Several Time Illness due to this Things ,


How do you know if you have social media addiction?

Because there are Many Reason To knowing Your Impacts Of Social media addiction like You are Suffering From this things When Ever You will Using too Much of Social Media platform .

Then You have Forget Your Office and Umcompletes Your Need Official Work and after that You also Forget Your Personal Due To Using of too much social media accounts and You Really Illness From this Conditions ,

When You Using too much of Social media and all time Surfing Searching without any Reason that can be big Issues Which You Getting Negative Impacts Of your Social life and Personal Life and One More thingd about that can be stay away Fro your Family and Friends ,

Social Media addiction Produce many Kind Of Illness Like Mind and brain related whic is really Bad Impact Of Your Brain and Your Personal life Sometime You Need To Stay away From Those Kind Of bad Things ,

Because We all Of You Need To an Limitations According Your Timeset Guys and You have to essentials needs Of Some Exercises Which Can be Active while You Using Too Much Social Media addictions ,


Social Media Addiction

Social Media and Mental Health 

While I am to talking about Social media platforms Which is really bad Impact Of Your Life and It can be badly harme For Our Social and Personal Life and .

Then You have to do Some Right Soution For that Then You have realize that You are Dong Good things Which Our Social media life can be Good via Doing Those all Impacts, 

Mental Health would be Impact By Using Of lots Of Social Media accounts So It will be very bad Impact Of Your mental health Like You are Suffering many things Such as Forgetting Everythngs and Memory Shortage and Brain Hemrage , 

So This kind Of Many Illness produce Via Uisng Of too Much Social Media Because If You are Using any things at once So that Can be really harm For your Social and Mental Health Thats Why You have to do OR make You Limit according Your work Guys,

So If you are Making Your Mental Health Good then You have to essentials Points make Your daily Life Which You getting Excellent results and then Your Mental health will be Good Because Its Too Much mandotry For Your Mind relaxtion Guys ,


How do you know if you have social media addiction!Find treatment Today ?

Now I have Discussed with You Some Important Points Which Is really Essentials part of Your Social Media addiction can be Controlling By doing this all treatment and its really Helpfull For Your Social Media Controlling Method ,

  1. First Thing You have to do that Delete Your All Social media accounts From Smartphone and Then You have realize that can be damage Your brain while You Using of too much Of Social media platforms ,
  2. Now You have to Switch off Your Smartphone whenever Your Office work has been done Which You gettings more advantage Of Your Mental health Issues ,
  3. Whenever Your Office Work has been done then You have to spend Your Time with Your family and Friends Where You Getting Posiive vibes and You Really analize You mental health issues Reduced Doing This great things ,
  4. If You Really wana Do Controle Your Mental Health Issues then You have to Doing Some Exercises and Yoga after that You getting Right Solutions For Your Social media addictions Controlling By Doing this Positive Things ,
  5. Mental Health Issues can be Reduces By doing this all Things and Then You Gettings Massive results While You Controlling Your Social Media Addiction ,



So Guys I am talking about all important things Related Of Social Media addictions Which is really most Important Topics Of Our Busy Life and You guys Essentials Knowledge Getting From My This articles ,

So You have to really wanna read my real thoughts about Social media platforms Which Using By Us many More mentally issues and You Guys having many more things taking from my this articles ,

Then You have really Searching all things about My articles Which Social media addiction can be drain Your health and Mentally Issues So You Know what that You have Doing Some Important Work For that ,


So Guys Please Give Your Important Reviews about My this Social Media addiction articles Which You Getting More Important things related Your Articles and Your Knowledge ,

Because I am always taking For You Good articles with Excellent Topics And You have always Finding Best way From my all articles which YOU need it From Mysides Guys So Please Ever Give Your Valueable feed back For My all New articles Guys ,



Thanks You Guys 


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