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In my quest to come up with an interesting name for this post, I had encountered two different definitions of it, which I think are the same.

These definitions are as follows; a Dubbed Movie is “a film prepared for the screen by a television, film, cassette, audio CD, electronic and internet platforms”.



A Movie title is “an expression of ideas, ideas, subjects, acts, subjects, symbols, meaning, perceptions, ideas and other statements about an external or internal activity.

” How this relates to movies I wondered? Movies are meant to tell stories. What is your favorite story? What’s the story behind a particular scene of a movie?

Though movies have in the past been termed as a work of art but today such classification of film is creating an uproar among Indian society as a whole. Even though I am convinced that movies are extremely important and essential,

it’s undeniable that the production process creates a ton of stress on the makers of the movie. People will always put that extra effort to reach beyond their limits with their creativity,

but they are just trying to prevent their stress release. Once a film has become a work of art or a commercial success, every machine in their lives is not meant to work.

No one sees a movie for its content and entertainment. They see it for the advertisement of products and messages, entertainment and aesthetic tastes of the individual and the relationship with the main character.

what is Ssrmovies?

These are some of the restrictions. But then again, the reason behind these restrictions is to keep them in a healthy state.

The idea of copying these films or even converting them into third-rate videos creates a drastic change in the audience. Such consumers are more accustomed to observing TV commercials, magazines and newspapers ads.

And the reason is simple; they are not accustomed to taking the time to listen to the sound and visuals of a film. Hence,

the essence of the movie can be quite destroyed by showcasing something back to them, which is usually dishonest.

They find them laughable, and this is the reason most movie producers opt to incorporate “missing scenes, grainy photos and scenes translated in English sound to at least keep the general viewer entertained”. What’s more,

what is Ssrmovies?
what is Ssrmovies?


if any content is not subtitled, then the parents become less bothered of children’s entertainment choices. That’s basically the current scenario of the Indian film industry.

Though the issues have been addressed as per today, they will keep resurfacing as days progress. So I will say today that “a film prepared for the screen by a television, film,

cassette, audio CD, electronic and internet platforms” is the true definition of the word. I may just go for another definition depending on the time period.

Most of the Indians will agree with my stand. However, I have also come across people who believes that movies were always created to entertain the audience.

While these films are extremely popular among the fans, I think that this falls outside the right framework. So I have labeled films as, “a film prepared for the screen by a television, film, cassette, audio CD,

electronic and internet platforms”. Because when we talk about content, they are not the ones creating the content, so to say. On an artistic level, nothing can be left to chance.

So I will add an additional word and use the word “memorable” in the name to keep everyone interested in a movie more. What is your favorite movie?

What was its storyline?

It is never as simple as that. Movies are some of the most important and powerful medium that anybody can take on. Although movies are no longer viewed as a source of entertainment, the idea of watching them intrigues everyone.

It’s not just viewers who are intrigued by them. Audiences are fascinated by the visual cues and symbols created by the filmmakers to keep them entertained, which is their ultimate goal. A movie provides an interactive experience which is exclusive to the fans.

While the audience may experience the same with either motion picture or video, the latter combination is more watched due to its more realistic world and cultural advancement.


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