The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?


Mistakes are inevitable in business travel. But many business people cannot afford to pay for the same mistakes over and over again.

The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?

In her new book, #KeepGoing: From a 15-Year-Old Mother to a Successful CEO and Entrepreneur, Mari Tautimes shares her difficult journey from a young mother in social work to business success.

He succeeded not only because of his strength, resilience, and self-discipline but also because of his ingenuity. And that skill acquired in part was due to learning from mistakes.

As Tony Robbins once said, “Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is often the result of experience. Experience is often the result of bad judgment.”

Here are some tips from Tautimes that can help you use good judgment and avoid the following common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?
The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?

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How do you avoid marketing mistakes?

1. Being an entrepreneur compared to having an entrepreneurial spirit

Sometimes people make the mistake of having an entrepreneurial spirit by being an entrepreneur. Spiritually-minded,

people should work full-time in business ventures and may work for good leaders or team members. But that does not mean that they should have started their own businesses.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. It requires daily thinking that combines leadership, vision, action, and the ability to overcome obstacles and difficulties.

A true entrepreneur should always inspire himself, maintain business love, encourage others, and focus on the daily reality of hard work and dreaming.

2. Wearing too many hats

The biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make early is to try to work independently, without surrounding themselves with smart advice and skilled workers or competent salespeople.

“This is a very important skill that we need to develop because it is the only way to elevate the business to a higher level so that the founder can transfer power efficiently,

” said Tautimes. “But if they do not trust the person they sent him to be able to run with it, the whole business will be attached to a founder who does a lot of things that are not their highest and best use.”

What are some common content marketing mistakes?

3. Making a business plan difficult

Have you ever heard the saying, “I could write a short letter, but I do not have time?” It takes time to be clear about where you want to go and how to get there.

Tautimes says, “Go with a simple two-page business plan. The reason we promote a two-page plan instead of a 10-page plan is that complexity is the enemy of execution.”

the most important thing is that you have a plan or you will probably not be in business for long. Too many entrepreneurs want to do more as they go along.

4. Hiring the wrong people

Improper early employment can kill a business before it can gain power. Early entrepreneurs often hire people who are happy with their business idea,

not those who have the ability to help bring that idea down and work on it morally and responsibly.

The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?

To improve hiring, Tautimes advises entrepreneurs to follow three steps:

Create a detailed job description to attract the right talent,
ask questions in the discussion process to learn how the baptism candidate deals with challenging situations; and
analyze the growth potential of the chosen person based on his or her ability, knowledge, and personality.

What should you avoid in a marketing campaign?

5. Inactive marketing

Your marketing should reach the right people. That includes having a detailed marketing strategy that incorporates user conversions into paying customers and,

keeping those customers happy enough to help bring you more customers through referrals, online reviews, and word of mouth.

“Even if you spend years developing your product, your startup won’t start if you don’t know how to market properly,

especially in the digital age,” Tautimes said. “Learn how to write compelling content, put your products in videos, and generate leads.”

Avoiding these mistakes can speed up your business and give it a boost. And remember, if you make one or more mistakes at first, it will not ruin your business as long as you learn from it.

The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?
The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?

What are the common pitfalls and mistakes that marketers should avoid while positioning their brand?

The social media platform continues to be an active, attractive series of digital forums designed for information, engagement, interaction and communication.

As more networks continue to increase their number of active users on a daily basis, newcomers — and even experienced users —

may be guilty of making some common advertising mistakes on social media. Below, list eight common mistakes you should avoid and why.

1. Captions Fail

Social media captions, or words you write near or below your image or video content, are crucial to the success of social media. If you are writing too long a caption,

the user has to click to extend it, and many will not. If you place your link under longer captions, we will reduce or eliminate clicking link, an indicator of key performance. Hashtags are another strategy option where many users make serious mistakes.

Do not create your own hashtags. It is useless. Hashtags are there to make your content searchable by topic,

so research and use relevant hashtags for each caption, but do not overdo it. Also, hashtags are not useful for all social networks,

so use them where appropriate. For example, on Facebook, I found that they are very insignificant.

What’s a common mistake content marketers make when designing content with the marketing funnel in mind?

2. Bad image

Image is the first thing a user will see about social media posts. Make it interesting and make sure it is related to the content of the content you are sharing.

For example, do not use a cartoon or a picture of a child who looks like a child in a critical post about a miscarriage.

Use infographics, videos and photos of real customers or clients if you have their permission and are legally able to do so.

People may pause, pay attention and engage in personal or interesting content in pictures to capture their attention.

3. Introducing Visible Metrics In-Click

Many professionals who have recently used social media are wondering why their tweets, updates or posts do not get much engagement.

Someone even posted on Twitter asking how accounts with big followers do not have as much engagement for each tweet.

My response to him (and to you) is simple: click the link. While most users will have nothing to say about your content and some will not want to comment on it under their name for privacy reasons, when they click on a link to your website,

blog, media stream or any other type of content you share, that metric is more important than the number of people who click the heart icon -Twitter.

Which content practices do you need to avoid?

4. Shipping Without Strategy

Social media channels come with free metrics, so why not take a look and see what times of day and days of the week your content is making the most of and posting your posts at those times? Use available metrics and filter data to make your posts more effective.

For example, if the following is male-dominated and you want to attract more female fans, write content that appeals to them,

The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?

share it and promote it only for women in the industry or in the rational area of ​​the post. The bottom line is this: Do not send just when you want to,

as often as you like, whatever you want. Be creative so you don’t just share lost content in a large social media space.

5. Do Not Add Media Media Icons To Your Website

I still see this mistake more often than I can believe, from a small business to a big one. If you have a well-designed and functional social media platform for one or more channels,

you should fully integrate those channels into your website in multiple locations so that users can easily find channels and follow you.

Expert Tip: Make sure that when a user clicks the social media icons on your website, they open a new tab or window.

What are marketing mistakes?

6. Self-promotion Only

If you only share content that promotes you or your business, it will get annoying very quickly. Include it by sharing content from relevant media sources,

community events you are interested in, helpful tips from government agencies and more. When all your business is doing sharing your content on social media, you are doing wrong.

7. No Public Administration

Social media is about having interactions with people, so as long as you automatically feed (I do not recommend) your content to reach all of your networks and never check to see what happens as a result, you do not live in public.

What are the common mistakes made by the companies do in social media marketing?

Public administration is the process by which managers evaluate each channel’s notifications and engage in certain ways,

including responding to comments, removing and blocking inappropriate users, responding to user reviews, inviting those who link to your content to follow your channel and more.

The best way to avoid 5 Common marketing mistakes?

8. Failed to Advertise

Organic access to social media is no longer a viable option, especially for Facebook. Only a small percentage of your followers see your content these days,

so putting even a small amount behind every post so you can direct it to your followers and / or the right target audience will always make a big difference in re-engagement. in increasing your following.

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