Top 5 electronic Car?


Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Today when we see our surroundings, we discover almost everything driven by new technology. Whether it’s a cell phone, any car, it all works technologically.

Advances in science and technology have proved to be very useful in our daily lives. Similarly, when it comes to the automotive industry, sudden changes have taken place in the technology used.

Top 5 electronic Car?

As a result of the use of these luxury cars, the environment has become very poor. The huge oil and gas emissions make it possible for everyone to see the damage done to the environment. And so came new technology for cars and bicycles,

namely electric cars. Speaking of electric cars, the world’s the first electric car was invented in 1880. Although these technologies may not have been widely promoted at the time but now considering the need for nature, these technologies are very useful. So today we are going to talk in detail about electric cars.

Top 5 electronic Car?
Top 5 electronic Car?

Top 5 electric car

Every car company is now in the process of launching one of the world’s leading electric cars. They are trying to hit it off, providing the car with the latest and most advanced technology. Looking at the environmental impact, I will share the names of the top 5 electric cars these days.

1. Tata Nexon EV

With a 3 Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, the Nexus EV is one of the most impressive EV SUVs out there.

Its Li-ion Polymer battery has a liquid cooler to ensure that the temperature stays very low even after driving long distances.

Although dependent on electricity, this car can produce a maximum power of 127bhp. Moonlit Silver, Signal Teal Blue, and Glacier White are three color options to choose from.
Battery power – 30.2kWh

Top 5 electronic Car?

Distance per charge – 312 km / full charge
Charging time – 0-80% 60 minutes charging with a fast charger.
Awards – Winner of the Subcompact SUV winner of the year award at the 2018 NDTV’s Car and Bike Awards program. (1)
Price – From Rs.13.99 lakh.


British brand MG offers premium EV, which is considered one of the top electric cars in India. It is powered by a car like the one in the Tata Nexon EV.
This well-designed SUV has many distinctive features, including a 448-liter boot space, diamond-shaped alloy wheels, and a power steering wheel. It can also produce a maximum torque of 353 Nm.

Battery power – 44.5kWh
Range at 340km charge / full charge
Charging time – Fast charging in 50 minutes. Normal payment takes 6-8 hours.
Price – From Rs.20.88 lakh.

Top 5 electronic Car?

3. Tata Tigor EV

Powered by a three-phase AC import car, this electric sedan comes with Egyptian Blue and Pearlescent White color options. The 310-liter boot space is an additional efficient center for cargo storage.

You can expect a maximum power of 40bhp on this car, as well as a maximum torque of 105 Nm. Under ideal driving conditions, this car can reach a top speed of 80kmph.
Battery power – 21.5kWh
Distance with Charge – 142km / full charge
Charging time – Fast charging of 90 minutes and standard charging in six hours.
Price – From Rs.9.54 lakh.

4. Hyundai Kona Electric

Equipped with the state-of-the-art Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), Kona Electric is regarded as one of the best electric cars in India. It has a top speed of up to 100kmph in less than 10 seconds.

Along with its magnificent mileage, this car can produce a maximum torque of 395 Nm. With great power, Kona Electric can produce about 134bhp under good conditions.
Battery power – 39.2kWh
Distance with Charge – 452km / full charge
Charging time – 57-minute fast charging and standard charging in six hours.
Prizes won – Electronic Vehicle of the Year Award winner at the 2019 Tech and Auto Awards. (4)
Price – From Rs. 23.71 lakh.

5. Mahindra e2oPlus

The slim body and bevy of color options are what defines the e2oPlus from Mahindra. While there is no place as nearly as powerful as the electric SUVs on this list, it is perfect as a luxury car. In its 3rd phase, the AC Induction Motor is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which weighs 84 kg.
It can produce high torque and power of 70Nm and 25bhp, respectively.

Battery power – 10.08kWh
Distance with Charge – 99.9km / full charge
Charging time – 75 minutes on the fast charger and six hours on the standard charger.
Price – From Rs.7.57 lakh.
How long does an electric car last?

Plug-in hybrids can drive 10-50 miles electrically before they start using gasoline, and can drive about 300 miles (depending on the size of the fuel tank, just like any other car). Many early electric cars (about 2011 – 2016) could drive about 100 miles before they needed to be refilled.

Current electric cars travel about 250 miles on toll, or there are others, such as Teslas, that can make about 350 miles on toll. Many car manufacturers have announced plans to bring electric vehicles to the market that promise longer charging and faster charging.
As the industry builds more cars with battery packs, lifelong battery management is an important obstacle. At present, the life-saving limit for battery life in new electric vehicles is about 100,000 miles.

How long does an electric car last?
How long does an electric car last?

Are electric cars worth it?

So guys, what do you think? Are these electric cars worth it? Is it worth investing in such vehicles? My answer is yes. In my opinion, these cars are worth buying if you have to travel short distances regularly or you have to go to your offices.

The benefits of using it are worth spending money on its purchase. The first advantage is that it is a type of investment at the same time. It just means you have to spend one penny to buy it, then it will save you money for the rest of your life.

As you all know the prices of petrol and diesel affect the sky. It is difficult to travel long distances every day for those who own a petrol car. Using these cars costs you more than their price. So, instead of spending your money on fuel, you can invest once in electric cars and save your money for the rest of your life.

Top 5 electronic Car?

These cars operate in the pocket as they do not require expensive fuels such as petrol and diesel but are charging. In addition, charging stations are easily accessible from the outside. The government has taken the first step in installing charging stations from time to time so that you can easily charge your car and travel.

The second best reason to use electric cars is their environmental impact. When it comes to gasoline, petrol and diesel emissions are major sources of harmful gases. Electric cars on the other hand do not emit any kind of harmful emissions. So you can say that electric cars are worth buying and relying on.

What is an electric car reduction?

Guys, it is clear that if anything has so many advantages then there is also a small reduction. So I have already told you right now, now is the time to tell you about some of the consequences of using electric cars.

● The first disadvantage of using an electric car is the presence of charging stations. As you all know these cars are a brand new technology that is still in the development phase. So it is a little difficult to find car charging stations in all areas.

Charging stations are still installed. So there is a chance that you will not find a charging station where you are going. In rural areas, there are no charging stations. Therefore, before going anywhere you should make sure there is a charging station or you only need to go to those areas that are below the width of the car once you have been charged.

Top 5 electronic Car?

● The wrong thing could be electricity. As it is clear that these cars use electricity instead of fuel. So we need to spend money on electricity bills as electricity is also free. You may have to pay huge bills for charging these cars in your home.

● Although it takes several minutes to refuel your car, the electric car takes about 4-6 hours and sometimes even a day to fully charge. Therefore, you need dedicated power stations as the time is taken to reload them is very long.

Therefore, the investment time and planning needed put some people down. Some kits can reduce charging time. But again, that would be an additional investment. So think about that.

The conclusion

So as we can see, electric cars are a great option for those people who have to travel short distances regularly. Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in the case of these cars, I think fitness overcomes failure.

Our future generations will rely solely on these vehicles. As we all know this technology is a future need to save money and the environment. You can try on an electric car. Nowadays, almost all companies are at the forefront of producing such cars.

So, this is all modern. I know this article is very helpful. It will help you decide if you should go to electric cars or not. That’s why I’ve talked about all the good and the bad about it.
See you again on a new topic soon. Until then stay safe with your families and enjoy.

Top 5 electronic Car?


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