top gun movie review?


top gun movie review?

“Top Gun: Maverick,” Tom Cruise jumps on his soft motorcycle, wearing Aviator sunglasses and a leather jacket with pads, and runs into a time machine. No, that’s not right. It is actually us who take the return journey.

More than 30 years after Cruise enjoyed his way to the highs of the 80s as a Maverick Navy pilot named Maverick,

he diligently takes on the character in a new chapter of “Top Gun” which is a thrilling, thrilling journey – a. an example book of how to make a sequel.

“Top Gun: Maverick” satisfied with one foot in the past by hitting all the gems that touched the first film – fast motorcycles, the song

“Danger Zone,” military magic, comedy Navy bosses, sports including shirtless, “hard deck,” bar singalongs and buzzing tower – yet stand alone.

It is not pressured past as the last sequence of “Ghostbusters”, but instead flies through the second to respond and respond to problems with the first.

Cruise, however, is back, repatriating his rebel spy pilot in the forgotten corner of the Mojave Desert,

the captain just as he should be an admiral because he continues to hold power. The years did not silence Maverick in his hasty,

hot-tempered style. He argues with pilots; squirrels. He says: “You think up there, dead. This is the Cruise in his Cruise — his most beautiful, wrinkled, firm and proud, shiny teeth in the sunlight.

His former rival Iceman – Val Kilmer – is back, again, Navy muckety-muck now. And even Goose is back, in the form of his son, the mustachioed Miles Teller,

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top gun movie review?
top gun movie review?

Do we need to watch Top Gun before Top Gun Maverick?

who is remarkably similar to Anthony Edwards, the actor who played Maverick’s co-plane plane detective and wing in life in the first film.

That death looks great to Maverick even 30 years: “Talk to me, Goose,” he whispers to himself.

Some things have changed, of course. The F-14A Tomcats have been replaced by the F / A-18 and the male pilots of the first film of the film have been replaced by a few female roosters.

Unfortunately, it seems that these are the last days for men and women to push an envelope on a plane;

Non-pilot aircraft are highly reliable and compliant. “The future is coming and you are not in it,” Maverick was told by Ed Harris, playing a humorous admiral.

But Maverick, on the verge of extinction, has Navy’s last mission: Train a group of small hotshots with the deadly task of bombing Iran. One potential danger:

The young players who burn the grass to train include Goose’s son, call sign Rooster. Will Maverick be responsible for cooking another Goose?

Can he surpass John Hamm, playing a powerful book official with a sweet calm temper?

Director Joseph Kosinski brings a visceral feel to the film, somehow making us feel claustrophobic in the open sky as pilots smoke and sway.

He makes a spectacular exchange between the noisy scenes outside and the thundering and silent airplanes of the house by almost gossipy people. It also changes from the glowing sun to the dark interior.

top gun movie review?

One welcome touchdown to the screenplay of Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer and Christopher McQuarrie is Maverick’s new romantic interest. Jennifer Connelly plays a divorced bar owner who owns a downtown,

beach house, sailboat and Porsche, so business is good. But he is also not a person who pursues Maverick when he re-offshore and, on an important occasion, he is a comfortable sailor and he is inexperienced.

This is Maverick the most thoughtful, the most depressed. The “Top Gun: Maverick” is a reflection of what happened to the talented rebels later in life.

He is plagued by guilt and in one case is picked up and thrown out of a tavern by hot people like these 30 years ago. Worse, he is called “pop.

” Remarkably, Cruise seems to have really found a way to pass the time. His cool body and boyish face are indistinguishable from the pilots of his young 30-year-old pilot during a beach game.

The film features Maverick’s stuff – recruiting a grocery store, repairing his relationship with Goose’s baby – while fulfilling its promise as an action film.

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top gun movie review 2

What happens in Top Gun?

There are 10Gs pull-out jets, the sound of metal cockpit sticks being pulled, large dog fights and the sound of snooping machines according to set requirements.

The action takes even a few unexpected and exciting turns. So jump on Maverick’s bike, hug him, and join him on the highway to the danger zone.

The first such meeting was held by Rear Adm. Chester Cain, the hot-tempered brass section played by Ed Harris,

who has an amazing record of his own movie aircraft. (Without “The Right Stuff,” there would have been no “Top Gun.”)

He seems to be telling Pete that the game is over. Thanks to new technologies, flyboys like him are all obsolete.

Based on this incident, you might think that the movie plans to reflect on the power of the American spirit during the drone war, but that will have to wait for the next sequel.

Pete still has work to do. Teaching work, officially, but we will get to that. The conversation with Cain is not as much a red herring as meta-commentary. Pete,

as I am sure I should not tell you, is a picture of Tom Cruise, and the main question asked by this movie is less related to the need for pilots than to the compatibility of movie stars.

How old was Tom Cruise in the first Top Gun movie?

With all these cool new technologies nearby – you can indulge in 37 episodes of Silicon Valley grifting without leaving your couch – do we really need guys, or movies, like this?

At the time – in Tony Scott’s “Top Gun” – Pete was a stalwart trying to stand out between the rivalry and competition of the Super-elite Gun system.

He seduced the teacher Charlie (Kelly McGillis), shut down the horns with his golden boy enemy, Iceman (Val Kilmer), and lost his best friend and wing,

Goose (Anthony Edwards). Ronald Reagan was the president and the Cold War was in the final crisis, but the

“Top Gun” was not really a picture of a fight. At heart, it was a sports film decorated with military gear, about a lot of guys showing up, talking trash and trying to outdo others.

Times have changed in some way. Pete is now a pastor, having been called back to the Miramar navy to train a team of young pilots who are committed to emergency, dangerous work.

The frat-house atmosphere of the ’80s has been reduced, and pilots are a very different, flawless group.

Another advantage of the long gap between chapters is that most authorized screenwriters are free to fill or leave blank as they wish. Over the past few decades,

Pete has witnessed many battles – Bosnia and Iraq mentioned both – and pursued a romantic relationship with Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly).

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Where did they film Top Gun: Maverick?

Now you find him working in a tavern near the base and renewing an old spark. He has a teenage daughter (Lyliana Wray) – Maverick is not a father – and the world is tired of Pete’s signature combination of criticism and empathy.

Other memories of the past include Rooster (Miles Teller), Goose’s son, and Iceman himself, who rose to the rank of commander and kept an eye on the defense of his former rival.

Kilmer’s short appearance has a special sadness. With the exception of the 2021 documentary “Val,”

he has never appeared on screen since losing his voice due to throat cancer, and seeing him and Cruise in a quiet place together is as sad and exciting as something from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

The first “Top Gun” was revealed after a power struggle. There has been a horror – especially especially off screen – the enemy of the real world (the Soviet Union,

if you forget) and the growing possibility of a nuclear apocalypse. In this, there is a real ammo fight with unknown enemies,

What war is Top Gun based on?

a mysterious businessman who owns a high-tech aircraft that builds an “unauthorized” weapons base in a mountainous area anywhere.

No words are spoken, just “enemy”. Circspection is a bit strange. Who or what should we fight against? China? (In this economy?) The Taliban? Netflix? Covid?

It does not matter. We never see the faces of enemy pilots as the work progresses. The only confirmation of the concept of

“The Great Gun: Maverick” is nothing about geopolitics and all that has to do with protecting the values ​​of the old movie when dealing with the nihilism of the broadcast era.

Is Top Gun Maverick a sequel?

Has the defense been successful? The action sequence is intense and fun, reminders that flying was one of the most exciting aspects of cinema almost from the beginning.

The story is a mixed bag. Despite the emotional clashes and frustrations that plagued poor Maverick – his career,

his love life and his work to remember his dead friend, I can say nothing about G-forces and flak – the incredible challenges seem surprisingly low.

The young pilots made a kind of production of the first children’s film theater. The Rooster War between Maverick and Iceman is echoed in the Rooster’s feud with the arrogant Hangman (Kilmeresque Glen Powell).

top gun movie review?

We are treated to a shirtless beach volleyball match, which is quite different from the original volleyball game of the sweaty camp.

There are memorable supporting concerts – especially from Bashir Salahuddin, Monica Barbaro and the ever-vigorous Jon Hamm, as by-the-book, admiral stuck in the mud – but the world they live in is untouchable and ordinary.

Sometimes Kosinski seems to achieve an updated version of the sun-kissed ’80’s style style, the “Top Gun” which is easily and surprisingly illustrated.

What they come up with is a vague and baseless, unpretentious, dirty thing that you find in the work of real pop auteurs like Scott, his brother Ridley, James Cameron or Michael Bay.

top gun movie review?


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