tube monetization program review


I say advertising, I really mean marketing. There is never a time where video is not being leveraged to reach people through marketing.

Tube Monetization and Automation Program is a three stage program designed to take advantage of newly developed technology through innovative marketing strategies.

It also sounds like a bit of a no brainer, and that is exactly why we have decided to take it to YouTube for the review. Before dive into review of the program,

one important bit of disclaimer about our methodology. The opinions and words of the man on the street is always skewed but this program may be able to offer an insight that we think to be related to our society today. 

tube monetization and automation program review
tube monetization and automation program review

Tube Monetization and Automation Program Reviews 

Received the submissions before others just to test the program and to see how other folk react. There was a limited number of submissions so we have to assume we will get a mixed response to our program.

The technical aspect of our program is to target women who like to eat and drink a little. We have tried to create a group that breaks stereotypes.

When we set out to create this program I found a concept that I felt like people should attempt to realize, which is why I decided to include this program in the program. [3]

As my idea of a group started to come to life a few qualities of the participants started to turn into reality. For example,

this group of women decided to be more creative with their food. The women started to experiment with different dishes and ingredients

tube monetization and automation program review

They were involved with community parties as well to support the a few member restaurants. They decided to host a restaurant meet up in order to promote the restaurant brands and many other local restaurants.

It also created some hilarious memes. You can also check out some of our collection here, if you have a desire to test our program in the future. [4]

The group decided to turn the tables for the restaurants. For instance, one of the members decided to create a cook off party. Everyone cooked at once to create delicious dishes.

They also decided to create some group of women chefs that will cook together and make some time to support other members in the restaurant industry. [5]

Another part of our program is a wedding. We started with different members of the group, that decided to create a wedding for their colleagues and close friends.

They invited other local restaurants for the wedding. Each of the restaurants agreed to help the group. The result was of amazing delicious food and beautiful beautiful decorations.

It also opened the doors to other opportunities that were more special than each and every others. We always seemed to learn something new.

In our eyes, our program started to put a smile on our group’s faces and for all involved members. The creation of the group also benefited our local restaurants.

If our food was tasty, there was no need for people to leave to go to other restaurants. Also, businesses were able to use the marketing fund that was generated as people ate at the event. [6]

tube monetization and automation program review

As I mentioned earlier, our program was a little overwhelming at first and there are many benefits to the program and also having a group of women chefs.

In the future we will see if this program can be developed into a “franchise” where different restaurants will be enlisted to a group that specializes in food promotion. If that happens we will end up creating a brilliant opportunity for our local restaurants. [7]

We will continue to test other programs as well to see how people like them and if our program is successful.

We hope to be able to produce a program that offers a positive impact on the surrounding community.

What is tube monetization and automation program?

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About the program

Competes for attention against social sites and other social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Training your machine learning techniques.

Scales out your model.

Upsell and cross-sell your audience to monetize your posts.


Jordan Mackey, CEO and Co-Founder of Deepak, a revenue-generating AI company, is a “the connoisseur of technology and the connoisseur of people.”

He studies trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and big data. He is a visionary leader, “beyond technical impact on today’s business world.”

He has made numerous services awards for the past decade. Some of his clients include Standard Chartered Bank, BP, Iberdrola, Chase and Wells Fargo.

What is tube monetization and automation program?
What is tube monetization and automation program?

tube monetization and automation program review


In 2010 Jordan received a Certified Accountant.

He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Brock University and a Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Finance from Brigham Young University.

Highlights of Jordan’s life and professional career

Executive Chairman for Jpalawy

Chief Data Scientist at Deepak Inc.

Analytics team head at Silicon Valley Bank

High Roller with Tourism Marketing Agency for 61-days at Hilton

Chairman at Dublin Bowl

Executive Chairman of Mind Planet

View Jordan’s LinkedIn page here.

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