vikram movie review?


vikram movie review?

A socio-political film that bites off more than it can chew.Director Nandeesh seems to have lost focus in his enthusiasm to tackle several pressing socio-economic, cultural, religious and political issues within a single film.

Director Nandeesh seems to have lost focus in his enthusiasm to tackle several pressing socio-economic, cultural, religious and political issues within a single film.

Even before its release, Dear Vikram created curiosity among the audience because of the controversy.

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) objected to the previous title of the film Godhra, after which director Nandeesh clarified,

that the film has no relation to the infamous 2022 Godhra riots in Gujarat and that he had no intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. .

Despite the clarification and title change to Dear Vikram, the audience remained curious and now the film has finally premiered on Voot Select.

vikram movie review?
vikram movie review?

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What is the story of Vikram movie?

Dear Vikram

Director: K.S. Nandeesh

Cast: Satish Ninasam, Shraddha Srinath, Vasishtha Simha, Sonu Gowda, Achyut Kumar

Duration: 124 minutes

Plot: Vikram, a Maoist revolutionary, is left with a dilemma as he chooses between love and ideology

Apart from the fact that streaming platforms offer more space for such socio-political content, the small, personal screen makes the problems with the film’s language,

structure and technique more apparent. Taking a risk, Nandeesh opted for a hypertextual, multi-narrative structure that brings together characters who are either victims or beneficiaries of our country’s social climate.

Is Vikram movie a remake?

He uses four characters to convey his message: Vikram (Satish Ninasam), a talented Dalit student; Nitya (Shraddha Srinath) an upper caste idealist;

Bharat (Vashishta Simha); and Nidhi (Raksha Somashekar). While Vikram represents the revolutionary path, Bharat believes in a strong Hindu nation.

The film portrays their life and experiences and exposes the futility of the romantic idealism believed to be indoctrinating the younger generation.

Is Vikram movie a sequel?

Dear Vikram mainly revolves around Vikram, as the title suggests, and Nitya, who, as students, talk about changing society and getting married.

Both Vikram and Bharat eventually realize that the system is exploiting their idealistic minds and using them for their gains.

Nandeesh was honest. As he claimed, Dear Vikram has no connection with the Godhra communal riots, directly or indirectly.

It peripherally touches on the prevailing sectarian atmosphere, where even our minor differences are attacked.

But in his enthusiasm to tackle several pressing socio-economic, cultural, religious and political issues within a single film,

the director seems to have lost his focus. As a result, Dear Vikram comes across as overtly preachy, and to connect the missing dots and for the sake of continuity, the director resorts to a narrator.

But the creator also tries to present the current political situation without direct references. In the melee,

viewers can spot caricatures of the former chief minister who launched the ‘Grama Vastavya’ program and took oath on behalf of farmers,

and slain Maoist Saket Rajan alias Prem. No stone will be left unturned. From the farmers’ agitation, the Hindutva agenda,

Is Vikram movie a sequel?
Is Vikram movie a sequel?

Who is the villain in Vikram?

the anti-feudal Maoist movement and romantic idealism to the bonhomie of politicians and the corporate world and the commercialization of education, he touches on every issue plaguing India.

If Nandeesh concentrated on one problem and weaved other elements around it, his intention would bear fruit. Meanwhile,

those expecting something different after seeing the trailer and the controversy surrounding the title change may be disappointed.

With an ensemble of veteran actors like Satish Ninasam, Shraddha Srinath, Vasishtha Simha and Achyut Kumar,

the director could create powerful characters that leave an impression on the minds of the audience. However, all the actors do their best to bring the characters to life.

Only songs like Jeevake Jeeva, Beeso Gaali and Yeno Salige manage to give the audience some relief in their exhaustive narrative.

Dear Vikram is currently streaming on Voot Select.Dear Vikram Review: A serious tale of idealism versus reality.Plot: Vikram, an exemplary student from a Dalit background, finds his calling as a Naxal.

vikram movie review?

Bharath is a right-wing extremist student leader who has decided to pursue his professional passion.

In between is the farmers’ advocate, Chief Minister Karthik Swamy. What happens when their paths cross?

Review: Dear Vikram releases directly on the streaming platform, one of the few Kannada films to get a chance to do the same.

The film tells about the powerless state of today’s society where multinational corporations and political parties work hand in hand to make money exploiting the poor.

vikram movie review?

It’s a brave attempt and it also touches on some relevant points. But the trappings of commercial staples like songs disrupt the flow of this narrative, which could have been taut and more thought-provoking.

The film begins with Vikram, a Naxal, being introduced to the audience. Likewise, there is also a juxtaposition of politicians,

and businessmen trying to work to deplete natural resources with a deal involving forest land that could displace tribes.

What is the real name of Vikram?

The story then goes back and forth introducing the audience to various characters that include Vikram, Bharath and Karthik Swamy,

the protagonists of the three threads connecting this story. We can see their desires, hard work and heartbreak.

What is interesting about Dear Vikram is that it tries to address different ideologies and their pros and cons.

The film also tries to address the harsh realities of today’s world through subtle and not-so-subtle references to current political leaders and events.

While this is all good, the film ends up being a confused story between a commercial film with regular song breaks.

and a tougher drama that moves at a fast pace. Another obstacle is the background score, which is harsh and unnecessarily loud at times.

Sathish Ninasam, Shraddha Srinath, Vasishta N Simha and Achyuth Kumar deliver what is expected of them.

Raksha Somashekhar scores in the emotional scenes in the second half. One is mistaken for an extended portrait of Sonu Gowda.

vikram movie review?

Dear Vikram could have been a film that could have raised interesting debates about the current political situation, but it ultimately fails as the story seems too rushed between unnecessary songs and sequences.

Mahesh Babu calls Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vikram’ sensational cinema and calls it a ‘New Age cult classic’…
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