What is Chath puja?


Chhara daghan is not only one of the ancient festivities in India but also one of the biggest festivals in India.

But the Gods after birth decided that what would happen after the birth of every child and what the Dharmashastra tells us that is the divine reason behind why we call Chhara Daghan as Thodi. From Thodi,

“Chhath Puja” has a varied meaning and if you read the scriptures and the events that happened, you’ll notice that there is a lot of connection. So in Chhara we should see a rich spirituality, punctuated with celebrations and the deep connection of many things.

The Teva beliefs and the Hindu activities and the divinity helps us see how we should be connected with the divine cycle.

The belief that the God has given us the earth to see other Gods and creatures give more sense of existence and link the stories and events with the divinity.

Even as we discussed in previous section that there are many ways in which we can interpret the events that happened and the divinity and deities are how we see and identify our personal spiritual connection to our deities.

What is Chath puja?
What is Chath puja?

What is Chath puja?

Why is Chath puja celebrated? Chhara pooja is the festival of Puja, worship for the mother of son and it is a pre-sacred day of worship to the Divine Chakra (repetition of song) at Shiva’s Earth,

and is considered to be the last day on earth. During the day, Goddess Shiva (Shiva Shivaratrii) attains reach the Earth. She wishes for respect and repose of the souls of her worshippers for the birth of their son.

She asks for her followers to observe the day with Devotees coming to the house of Mother Hindu to pray, fasting, overeating and water bath in worship of her “mother”.

In the wake of the awakening of the human soul from apathy, her home is thought to be one of the best places to perform self-manual readings and meditations.

During this period of five days, our awareness is transferred to Goddess Lakshmi (Shiva Mai) to reap her abundant blessings through reproduction. A Chhatra Satchidananda, a religious organization devoted to Bhakti, practices as, among others,

Pashami and Zolba. Vishnu Sri Sumanananda, the devotees of Buddha have temple of Pashami as well as Hindu temple of Kaliyas and are observing the self-filled rituals of prayer,

anyan (singing mantra), Uttapriya (pipe ceremony, drinking water), meditating, singing and composting. Buddhism and yoga supreme manifestations of the Brahman are believed to meditate at sunset, and so a pall is hanging over with a hymn of thankfulness,

What is Chath puja?

respect and respect to the goddess of paradise. Also goddess Kaliya herself is a part of the Chhatra Satchidananda and maintain that two blessings for Goddess Lakshmi –

the ganga and the Kalama (nudge) feed between the moon and sun and movement of the sun onto the earth must be observed at her original time of arrival.

CHATH PUJA is something which is solemn and authentic, with religious beliefs, rituals and science of rebirth of babies, Goddess Lakshmi, moon in moon lunar cycle from SUN and cosmos,

and Sadbhavna (Hindu goddess) helps us carry on our own life. To restore all gods, save Earth, Divine Chakra, Goddess Lakshmi, Brihanmumbai (child-carefree and Happy)- for the moon!

Happy Bhakti Day. 😉

What is done in Chhath Puja?

Chhath Puja usually marks the beginning of Diwali. The festival lasts for approximately four weeks.

Legend has it that Goddess Shiva marked the end of her nine days of visiting hell on herself.

The incident occurred because the Sun was out of the right position that she deemed was perfect and the Goddess was so annoyed that she was forced to see how the Sun affected her, due to her adverse emotions.

After that, Chhath Puja starts. Across the country on the night of Ashwin Pongal, there are the processions and Pongal Puja goers on yatra to their houses, taking bids of Ram Makar Sankranti and eating bananas.

However, not everyone has the occasion to be and participate in Chhath Puja. The reason is because it is difficult to gather sufficient energy to carry out all the ritualistic activities.

Nevertheless, Mahama, a blind man, started observing and observing Chhath Puja annually. The holy art depicts the bride pulling her shadow on the forehead of her beloved husband, which means keeping her love nearby.

What is Chath puja?

Chhath Puja is celebrated across the world. The puja can also be observed from about any time of year, be it to support devotees at their homes,

lament over court cases, commemorate the Goddess Lakshmi and the other deaths which have occurred in their village, or the other traditional festivals.

The other festivals such as Durga Puja, Eid etc. are not considered a part of these festivals, but are rather reflections of the festivals that take place in other Hindu religious festivals.

While the term called “Ram Puja” is commonly used to denote religious Diwali, “Puja” refers to the process of observing the Chhath Puja.

For the first three days, the devotees observe the processions, one way or another. For the last day, the worship is full throttle,

all of which one has to go through throughout the entire day. This Ram Puja ritual is very complicated.

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Meanwhile, among the pandemic challenges, this year’s Diwali was set up with online viewing that might not have been possible in the past due to space limitations. So far, Prasad and arghya were offered to the Sun along with a few throws.

When did Chhath Puja start?

Karjat in western Uttar Pradesh, symbolizes the lunar and equinoxes, and also Bhakti, Bhakti will take place this year.

It will mark the day Lord Ayyappa created the god Bhatura to fight back against those of evil viz. Rama, leading to the creation of Bharat Puja.

When Did The Festival Start?

The Chhath puja dates back to 3 Roshanayaks (Yves 27), which means the fourteenth. If you are asking a query as if the festival started from October 16,

the festival will take place after Yves 27th on October 27th, 2021. Chhath Puja will have much more significance this year, as it will mark the birth anniversary of one of the two most revered Mahayana kings, Narayana II — Lord Muruga.

Traditional Eating Practices During Chhath Puja

Once the day has begun, one can get access to chikami, which is the clean and healthy dish which is served to appease Lord Muruga. Others eat Mithila, which is also clean and healthy, while others cook tasty gurani and pondella.

What Is Chhath Puja?

Shiva Shukla Ramlakha is the annual Chhath Puja of Lord Shiva. It marks the birth anniversary of Lord Muruga, the man God.

It is celebrated not only by Hindus but also by Buddhists, Jain and Sikh people. This Puja is observed by Hindus where a holy boat service to Odharaj is performed.

Most of the celebrations during Chhath Puja happens in the cities — Duriyam (Durgapur and Ballia in Uttar Pradesh),

Jaipur, Agra, Ayodhya, Allahabad, Mathura, Lucknow, Meerut, Bareilly, Prayagraj, Varanasi, and Deoria. More than 50% of the Hindu population celebrated Chhath Puja last year during October or October 27th.

When did Chhath Puja start?

Attend the festival only by high priests and devotees

Devotees of Chhath Puja dedicate their lives to meet the deities.

Lord Shiva


Akhya Bodhisattva.

Dharmakamim (usually played by a women)

Swarathma Hallah.


Devotees do pull an Umara

Surya’s Day (April 23)


Saryashta Melemanu (Ashmi’s birthday).


Men sing on temple premises.

Pagal vrat

Makarachari (Death).

Sanati Jai Shri Krishna Temple on Talasari-Ramnagar road in Ahmedabad, the city that witnessed one of the greatest chhath puja during the 18th and 19th centuries when the temples of Mahad, Shrimad Lohian, and Meerut were converted into temples of Gautam Buddha for Surya worship.

Harvest Time

“Harishanth”, time for harvesting, was observed for 30 days before Chhath Puja on October 27 (that was not the moon of Chhath),

but on October 27, harvest time occurred for all Hindus. Krishna Krishna entered the house of Krishna Krishna following the season of Harishanth and his advice to Krishna resulted in the death of the demon king Suryakanta.

What is Chath puja?

Bharti Maiya (Born on May 10)

Ajayashwara Shauryajiyajiya.

Nukanta Sudannanajeya.(Longest day of Sun).

The day of Chhath Puja falls during the summer season. In the evening, the evening Shukla rath roams the streets of the temple towns in Balyana and Ayodhya for about five days of Chhath, with the Main Mantra.

The sun enters the sky on the Bharti rath after the sunset. When the Sun enters the sky, persons sit on the roadside, break the idols and the deities sit on a seat. The morning of the Sun enters the temple on this day.


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